About SARS & What We Do...

SARS Medical team in action.

Suffolk Accident Rescue Service is an emergency medical charity which was founded in 1972.

We provide specialist volunteer doctors and paramedics to assist the East of England Ambulance Service at the scenes of serious incidents - in the home or at the roadside.

SARS members include anaesthetists, critical care paramedics and other clinicians with enhanced prehospital skills. Our responders can also carry items of lifesaving equipment and drugs not found on our front-line ambulances.

This allows our responders to carry out advanced procedures at the scene which are normally only undertaken in a hospital environment. This can mean truly lifesaving interventions, particularly when patients are trapped and rapid evacuation to hospital isn't possible.

Our members fill a vital gap by providing advanced emergency medical aid within their catchment areas. In addition to helping save lives, the presence of a SARS specialist at an incident scene can also reduce the chances of patients suffering permanent disability or unnecessary pain. We are an enhanced medical resource which the ambulance service can call upon 365 days a year.

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We receive no statutory funding

Our charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to fund equipment and training and help us offer the best possible service to the people of Suffolk and its surrounding areas.