Charity Overview

Honorary President: Dr Andy Mason

Charity Trustees:

Chair: Dr Pam Chrispin
Vice Chair: Dr Karol Silovsky
Treasurer: Mr Bernie Nunn (interim), Mr Harry Richardson, Mr James Whatling, CCP Tim Daniels, ACCP Mike Hild

SARS Management Committee:

Members - Dr Pam Chrispin, Dr Jeremy Mauger, Dr Alain Sauvage, CCP Rod Wells, Dr Ari Ecole, Mr James Whatling, Dr Karol Silovsky, ACCP Mike Hild, Paramedic Daniel Phillips, CCP Erica Ley


General Operations Manager: Ben Hall
Administrator: Elizabeth Berry (part-time)
Fundraising Officer: Susan Roots (part-time)
Clinical Co-ordinator: Stephen Murrow (part-time)

SARS Charity Volunteers 2016-17

Elizabeth Berry, Bernie Nunn, Sue Groom, Roy Groom, Clare Hall, Kathryn Crossland, Terry Langridge, Garry Sharp, Matt Lovejoy, Derek Wilding, Ann Morley, Amanda Brown, Kathy Lintin

SARS Autonomous Responders 2016-17:

SARS Volunteer Doctors
Jeremy Mauger
Ari Ecole
Alain Sauvage
Fiona Virgo
Pam Chrispin
Tim Lightfoot

SARS Volunteer Paramedics

CCP Rod Wells
Steve Murrow
CCP Lou Rosson
CCP Rob Riches
CCP Jemma Varela
James Whatling (Nurse)

SARS Volunteer Team Responders 2017-18:

Doctors: Neil Berry, Wasim Huda, Justin Brown, Victoria Smith, Benjamin Peirce, Luke Ferrari
Paramedics: Erica Ley, Tim Daniels, Kevin Breitsprecher, Darren Fowler, Daniel Phillips, Matt Nockels, Andrew Bates, Peter Sago, Mandy Wells, Joe Dowsing, Keiran Bromley, Joanne Bromley, Daimon Wheddon
Clinical Skills Manager: James Whatling
Advanced Critical Care Practitioner: Mike Hild
Kit: Colin Gray

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We receive no statutory funding

Our charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to fund equipment and training and help us offer the best possible service to the people of Suffolk and its surrounding areas.