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SARS responders are mobilised to specific types of incident where patients could benefit from the presence of an enhanced prehospital resource. The majority of the patients that we attend are in a critical condition and need urgent and specialist medical care to keep them alive or stabilise their condition en route to hospital.

When do we get called out?
SARS members are mobilised by the Ambulance Service's Critical Care Desk which monitors all 999 calls.

Where are we based?
SARS members respond, in their spare time, from their homes or workplace. The catchment area of our members generally extends to a radius of between 10 to 15 miles. However it is not unusual for SARS specialists, with enhanced prehospital skills, to travel significantly further to incidents.

The long distances between hospitals in our region means that the presence of a SARS specialist based locally can be a vital and potentially life-saving resource.

For more than 46 years, on a voluntary basis, Suffolk Accident Rescue Service has been the only specialist prehospital resource based within Suffolk.

How many incidents do we attend?
SARS currently responds to between 250-300 call-outs a year. In around 20% of these call-outs, SARS is the first medical resource on scene.

SARS responders receive no payment or expenses for attending incidents and can respond in the hours of darkness or in poor weather when other advanced resources are not available.

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We receive no statutory funding

SARS relies on voluntary donations to fund equipment and training to help us offer the best possible service to the people of Suffolk and its surrounding areas.